A Wide Variety of Motor Oils, Snow Chains, and Brakes at Your Disposal

Just when you think you're done shopping for your car by buying a new set of winter tyres, or going an extra mile and getting yourself a nice set of complete wheels, you notice that we also provide essential car parts - motor oils, snow chains, and brakes.

Nothing Works Without Oil

To reduce wear and friction, one should use different oils and additives. They extend the life span of the car and the individual components by protecting the vehicle from sediments and corrosion. The selection of car accessories includes transmission oils for smoother gear changes, engine oils for lubrication and additives to improve flowability.

Snow chains useful for heavy snow conditions

Driving on the road covered in ice and snow is significantly easier once you equip your car with a set of snow chains. We all know how suddenly the weather can change for the worse, that's why we recommend to always carry a pair of snow chains. They also happen to be mandatory in many European countries, in regions marked clearly by road signs.

Competitive prices on brake discs, brake pads, and drum brakes

It is imperative that you install brakes that can perform flawlessly in emergencies. Drum brakes and brake pads are known to wear down quickly due to heavy usage in city traffic. Brake oil change is also crucial to the safety of driving on the road. New brakes are known to improve the stopping difference drastically. Even on wet roads, ABS systems can work effectively to save lives.

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